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ABOUT Metropolitan Career School


Metropolitan Career School provides our students with the tools and community to help acquire the knowledge and skills needed to advance in their careers and create better lives for themselves and their families. As a Metropolitan Career School  student, you have access to instructors with real-world hands on experience, on-demand tutors, digital learning aides, career services, and more. The Metropolitan Career School system gives you what you need to earn your diploma or certificate at the pace that’s right for you. As a Metropolitan Career School student, you will set goals, make time, ask questions, rely on our resources, and take control of your future by focusing on your education. MCS offers post-secondary career training in Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Electronic Record Specialist, Certified Nursing Assistant and much more to come.   

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded in the belief in:

  1. the dignity and worth of each person,

  2. the uniqueness of each person, and

  3. the right for each person to have the opportunity to realize his/her fullest potential regardless of his/her race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background or religion.

Our Mission and Vision 

Our mission is to provide a safe, accepting, engaging, successful and respectful learning environment for all people who enter our doors. 


Our vision is to be the nation's leading,transformative, collaborative educational resource center for all people, the surrounding community and world.

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